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Public art

Seven Days of Creation Mural Project Spotlight: June 2011

Mergia’s Seven Days of Creation portrays an awe-inspiring illustration based on the opening passages of Genesis, the Old Testament narrative on the sequential creation of our world. In the submittal process for the architecture commission, Mergia actually presented a series of seven paintings that were selected by the church to become exterior glass mosaic murals. And while the first six days of the Old Testament passages provide plenty of imagery to guide Mergia, his depiction of the seventh day of rest was far more organic and developed through hours of prayer and meditation.

7 daysred.JPG

Sioux Falls Regional Airport 

The Heartbeat of the Buffalo

Mergia says this piece is “inspired by the migration of the buffalo that travel parallel with seasonal changes, moving toward greener pastures. Through this painting, I wish to express that we are all part of migrant communities that are constantly traveling in search of positive life experiences.”


This is my new Liturgy Art project for Saint Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Las Vegas NV.   2023


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