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In my Artwork, I always make the connection between art, literature, philosophy, nature and human existence. This element serves as a spiritual guide.  It manifests my vision and allows me to express my inner voice, and helps me raise questions about justice, truth, beauty, courage and fairness.  Most of my paintings are my thoughts; I think and I create art whether in my thoughts or on canvas.  It’s an exercise that reveals many ironies, one that helps to refine the soul.    Art is like daily bread for the soul. My thought process is molded by present experience and shaped by true love of wisdom. 


The artist should have a message to convey. A message revealed to him by his inner voice, which also accounts for the beauty of his work.  It’s important that art moves people and can speak to the soul and that It documents events that become historic.  In this, I find myself on a journey to discover the world and myself within it.

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