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My passion for learning has always been there.  I have studied advanced drawing, painting, photography, literature, and videography. The culmination of these mediums has pushed me towards an unconventional view in the process of art making. It has given me a broad perspective in my observations and opened a window in my mind. I can dynamically mold and work with multi-dimensional ideas as I execute my art.

I have made it my quest to find the purest means by which my art can express universal truth. I am attempting to relay my state of mind and emotions and share my ideas and perceptions with the world.  When imagining any physical form, our mind responds to the character of that form. Form is created through our perception. Each form creates a response in us. Everything has a form or the spirit of that form.  Artist’s manipulation of form is art. Form is what we see and content is what we interpret. There is a dynamic relationship between form and content.  As form changes so does content. This is the basic tenant of my art.  I have developed my drawing and observation skills by thinking in terms of form and geometrical elements.  Form is the language of my art.


I experiment with social interconnectedness between past and present societies and the materials that connect the dots for us.   This process helps me to understand the collective and shared identity in society. My artistic struggle is how to document experiences in different cultures and in art history, because art always needs to be acknowledged, and valued and appreciated to improve our lives and hold a purpose.


My abstract art is a creative interplay between the consciousness and sub-consciousness, with the conscious mind making all the final decisions but without abandoning the irrational elements of   human thought. The process of Non-figurative art influences my figurative art and vice versa. Non-figurative art is based on a relationship between color, form, and the distortions created in the subconscious mind.  While it is visual, it has no specific references to anything outside itself.  It is unchartered territory with elements of impromptu and spontaneous, unfettered expressions. I see myself as an alchemist of ideas, which turns into the audience’s perceptions, and allows them the freedom to imagine or interpret the artwork.

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